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Subject: :: Free SMS wid Hiding Ur No.
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tan12 21.03.11 - 01:46pm
Ever wanted to send sms without revealing ur phone number?

Now u can!!
Visit: www.FunGas.co.de
to send Unlimited Ads Free SMS to anyone without even showing ur number! Yeah. U heard it right! And thats also mean u dont need to register urself. Just visit & enjoy...! *

miirfan 23.03.11 - 06:30pm
Thanks bro., really its great.I think its possible, don't know hw.

Can u tell us dat, can (if yes how) v send bulk sms using dis site.? *

tan12 25.03.11 - 12:32pm
yes bro! U can send bulk sms through creating a csv or excel file consisting of the numbers.
Or simply writing the numbers separating by commas on the site. *

tan12 26.03.11 - 05:13am
bro i disabled da upload option. If u want then i can enable it. *

miirfan 30.03.11 - 09:56pm
Thnx buddy, btw m not getting which upload option u had disabled n where. Can in-box me *

tan12 1.04.11 - 06:23pm
ok bro. i'll soon inbox you! as i'm now securing da script so tat others cant use the form on thier site! *

tan12 1.04.11 - 06:25pm
btw da cricket-ban is on my site also! *

tan12 3.04.11 - 09:21pm
ban is removed now! *

surafel 21.05.11 - 09:06pm
what i don't understand is how *

miirfan 21.05.11 - 10:13pm
U mean how it is possible.? *

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