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Subject: free sms 4 Australia???
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sharkies 6.05.12 - 05:35pm
hi does anyone no of any sites that will let you send sms when your in Australia *

miirfan 6.05.12 - 05:49pm
It is not necessary from where ur sending sms, rather depends on where ur sending. *

miirfan 6.05.12 - 06:35pm
Its saying daily 3 sms free to Australia http://www.web2msg.com/ web2msg

Or select any from these 10 free sms service providers http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-sites-to-send-free-text-messages-to-cell-phones-sms/ makeuseof

Try and let us know which service u like if any *

sharkies 10.12.12 - 02:59pm
i wanna send from australian to australia if we can i didnt see your message before i bookmarked this topic but i didnt check messages in a while so i didnt see the notification messages thanks for replying *

miirfan 10.12.12 - 09:17pm
Well. .. The First link should work well i.e of 3 sms per day. However, got one more link of which here is the http://www.smsfun.com.au/supported_countries.php LIST OF SUPPORTED COUNTRIES

Scroll down the above page and read

http://www.smsfun.com.au/vodafone_prepaid.php VODAFONE RECHARGE
Recharge your Australian Vodafone pre-paid mobile and score extra http://www.smsfun.com.au/joobz.php Joobz with each Vodafone top-up .

sharkies 13.09.15 - 05:55pm
do there still work *

miirfan 15.09.15 - 10:46am
Not sure, it is you who have to confirm. Lol :-)

Anyway, for any circumstances mjoy.com supports any country with limited free sms, likewise http://social.binu.com/ binu.com

sharkies 26.12.15 - 03:07pm
any one know of any sites that will send from australia to australia? *

miirfan 26.12.15 - 06:40pm
Currently http://social.binu.com/ binu.com is offering 1 credit for surfing 1mb data on their app. So, 1credit=1sms.

Here is another site http://www.yakedi.com/ yakedi.com this site is open only for Australian's. Read more http://www.yakedi.com/help/registration/ Here

Others, plz help him. *

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